Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Vancouver Canucks 2005-2006 Payroll

2008 Payroll Coming Soon

This is the Vancouver Canucks payroll based on published salaries from NHLPA.com.

Last Updated: October 4th

The Canucks roster currently sits at 22 players for a total payroll of $38,565,521*.

* Please note this is not an official payroll. Lee Goren's contract is not listed by the NHLPA, however his contract is surely to be the league minimum of $450k. Also, the NHLPA does not average the player salaries, they only use the actual compensation being payed for the current year. For NHL salary cap purposes the average salary over the life of a contract is used. As an example Dan Cloutier is listed at $2,450,000, but we know that the average of his two year contract is $2,500,000.

If you see any errors in this table please let me know.

Active Roster
Todd BertuzziF$5,269,080
Tyler BouckF$450,000
Wade BrookbankF/D$450,000
Anson CarterF$1,000,000
Matt CookeF$1,500,000
Lee GorenF$450,000*
Ryan KeslerF$722,000
Trevor LindenF$1,520,000
Brendan MorrisonF$3,200,000
Markus NaslundF$6,000,000
Richard ParkF$750,000
Jarkko RuutuF$600,000
Daniel SedinF$1,250,000
Henrik SedinF$1,250,000
Bryan AllenD$941,441
Nolan BaumgartnerD$450,000
Ed JovanovskiD$3,990,000
Steve McCarthyD$760,000
Mattias OhlundD$3,500,000
Sami SaloD$1,500,000
Alexander AuldG$513,000
Dan CloutierG$2,500,000
Active Roster Total(22)$38,565,521

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