Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chubarov Heading to Russia? Sedins, Ohlund go to Arbitration

There are rumours on the radio and around the net that Artem Chubarov is choosing to play back in his home country of Russia this season. Chubarov has reportedly had an offer which is significantly higher than what the Canucks can offer.

Can't blame Chubby for taking the money and opportunity to play back in his home country and in a more high profile role. This will be a blow to the Canucks depth down the middle, but at the same time it will free up some desperately needed cap room, which leads to the second story of the day...

The Sedin twins and Mattias Ohlund are likely heading to arbitration. No real surprise here, all three have excellent arbitration cases and have no reason to settle for their qualifying offers. The Canucks could possibly be in some real trouble should any unfavourable rulings emerge.

The Canucks are extremely tight on cap room without too many options for reducing the payroll. It is probably in Nonis' best interest to do whatever he can to reduce the risk of arbitration. There is also Matt Cooke who is due for a raise as well as Dan Cloutier to take care of...

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