Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Few Notes

First, I have added a new information section in the right hand column. As the season gets underway it will have a preview of the next matchup, including TV information. Also added are links to the team payroll, full schedule and coming soon: team depth chart and a list of transactions made throughout the season. I will also be adding a search function and possibly a few other things.

Now on to some Canuck notes...

There are two articles on the McCarthy signing, one from the Vancouver Sun and one from The Province.

Nonis on McCarthy:

"We think his ability to move the puck -- his strength -- is something that should be highly sought after in the new NHL and that's the biggest reason we brought him here."

Nonis on Butenschon:

"Sven is a big-body guy whose gotten better every year he's played," said Nonis. "We felt he's a guy who had a chance at making our team and at the very worst he adds tremendous depth for us."

McCarthy is a nice gamble by Nonis. If it works he will look like a genius, if it doesn't it's only a third round draft pick. McCarthy is on a one-way contract, so unless he blows it at camp he should be on the roster come opening night.

While I like the trade, I still have serious issues with the state of the blueline. Quite frankly this defense group is not good enough and unfortunately I don't see it improving any time soon. Nonis will likely bring in one more guy, possibly Murray Baron or Brad Bombardir. Whatever Nonis chooses to do there will be some strong competition at camp. Guys like Bieksa, Butenschon, Mr. Free Agent, Baumgartner, Mojzis, McCarthy and possibly Koltsov will all be battling it out for the final three slots on defense. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes down.

Also of note... Nonis confirmed the signing of Josh Green to a one-year, two-way contract worth $500k... Mattias Ohlund could be signed today... the Moose have lost Peter Sarno to the Columbus Blue Jackets organization.

Back with more later... hopefully with news on the Ohlund situation.


There are reports that Vancouver's 2002 3rd round pick, Brett Skinner, is leaving the University of Denver to begin his professional career. Skinner is one of the Canucks top prospects and it's nice to see him signing a pro contract. Skinner will likely join the Moose, however he will have his shot to move up the depth chart at training camp. With so many open slots you never know...

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