Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Canucks Re-sign Mattias Ohlund

The Vancouver Canucks have re-signed defenseman Mattias Ohlund to a four year contract.

Well I'm still waiting to find out what the actual salary is, but I'm guessing it's between 3 and 3.75 million. It's great to have Ohlund locked up for four years especially with the possible/likely departure of Jovanovski. I'll update the payroll once this salary number is official.

Memo to Dave Nonis. It's hard to use a calculater when you still have the moronic policy of not disclosing player salaries.


TSN has updated their story and is now reporting that Ohlund's contract works out to $3.5m per season. Nice deal by Nonis, now he just got to get Cooke under contract and add one more veteran on the blueline.


The Puck Stops Here said...

Its an NHL policy as far as I can tell. Nobody in the media has published full CBA yet. We don't know exact salaries. Its hard to second guess your team or the league when you don't have any exact details, so we should just accept whatever they tell us no matter if it is logical or not.

The Canuck Fan said...

It's an archaic NHL policy which made little sense in the old CBA and makes no sense now. Besides the NHLPA publicizes salaries anyway. Any agent can look up the salary of any player in the league, so not disclosing salaries offers no benefit to a team's bargaining position.

It's a stupid policy and really it's insulting to the fans, especially when you're going to tell them to "use a calculator".

In regards to the CBA, it will eventually be published on the NHLPA website. There are quite a few rules I'd like to have some clarification on, in particular the new two way waiver system.

Thanks for the comments.