Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Canuck Prospects at Junior Camp

By all reports, Canuck prospects had a good showing in yesterdays National Junior Intrasquad Game. First round draft pick Luc Bourdon had a very strong game while goaltending prospect Julien Ellis impressed despite allowing 2 goals.

For more on the game and the Olympic camp check out The Canucks Rant.

In Other News...

Florida Rumour

There is a rumour out of a Florida radio station that the Panthers and Canucks are in talks over a Jovanovski-Bouwmeester trade. Names mentioned in the rumour include Matt Cooke, Eric Cairns, Kristian Huselius and Ryan Kesler. There have been may rumours that Keenan has been looking to move Bouwmeester, and of course it's no secret that Jovanovski likes Florida. So it's not hard to put two and two together. That said, the deal doesn't really make sense at this point in time.

Florida is a young team looking towards the future. Dealing one of the top defensive prospects right now doesn't make much sense, especially when there is the potential to sign Jovo in the off-season should he become a free agent. On the Canucks end of things the timing of the trade makes little sense. While Bouwmeester is an excellent prospect, and the Canucks would love to have him, this is a team looking to win now and right now Jovo is the better defenseman. If this trade was going to happen it should have been two weeks ago when there were many free agents available. Trading Jovo for Bouwmeester and using the savings on a free agent defenseman would have been much more logical.

While it's an interesting rumour I highly doubt it will happen.

Sopel Signs Extension with Isles

Reports indicate that Brent Sopel and the Islanders have come to terms on a 2 year deal worth $2.4m.

Two things on this. First the Canucks will now receive a 2nd round draft pick from the Islanders. Second, if the salary of $1.2m is accurate, it now appears that this trade was not a cost cutting measure for the Canucks. This was more of a move to accommodate Sopel and his family, rather than a hockey decision.

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