Friday, August 05, 2005

Canucks Re-sign Brendan Morrison

The Vancouver Canucks have re-signed center Brendan Morrison to a three year contract, financial details have not been released, but I'm sure we'll find out some time today. I would expect his salary to be around the $3 million mark.

In other Canucks news, Nonis has had some interesting comments on the radio lately. He is still interested in Paul Kariya and he has made an offer, it all depends on whether they can make it work under the cap.

Also of note Chris Gratton's agent, Pat Morris, has said that his client is interested in playing for Vancouver. Gratton has been a dissapointment throughout his career but he does add some size and grit and he is very versatile. If he comes in at around $1m this could be a good pickup.

Update on B-Mo's Contract

Despite his agent saying that Morrison is taking $700k less than his qualifying offer, it now appears that Morrison's contract is in the neighborhood of 3 years for 9 million. The NHLPA has changed their salary report from $2.08 to $3.2m. Perhaps his contract his back-loaded, but since contracts are averaged for the purpose of the salary cap this should not matter. Regardless this should be sorted out in the next few days if not sooner.

Brad May an Avalanche

In a bizarre turn of events it appears that Brad May is now a member of the Colorado Avalanche. And if you doubt that report check the NHLPA. I would have been surprised to see May return to Vancouver, but signing with the Avs? That's shocking.

It is now 100% official.


Anonymous said...

If you think he took less then his qualifying offer, give your head a shake. He got 3.9 mill per year for 3 years. Do you think these guys learned anything from the last year! They are still all too over priced!!! and are just laughing at the fans who are still gonna pay big bucks to see their games!!!

The Canuck Fan said...
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