Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A Blog Post

Yes, it's a rare blog post!

Going to try something different and see what happens this year. Anyway, to start things off, here are some random thoughts on the eve of the Canucks' season opener...

- Like the new aggressive forecheck that Tortorella has implemented. So far, so good, but we'll see if they can keep it up in the regular season without giving up too many odd man rushes.

- A lot of whining about the lack of youth in the lineup. Did people really think any of the teenagers were going to get more than a handful of games before being returned to junior? One of them would  had to have been exceptional - none of them were.

- The youth was supposed to come from Schroeder (injured), Kassian (suspended), Corrado and Jensen (injured & shitty camp). 

- You can make a case for Corrado deserving a spot, but in this CBA your going to end up sending waiver exempt players down in order to keep a "lesser" player. Canucks need as much depth on D as they can get and right now that means Corrado is the odd man out (for now). Besides, getting top minutes in the AHL can only help his development. He'll be in Vancouver soon enough.

- The same reasoning applies to the Horvat & Shinkaruk decisions. Why pass up on the opportunity to add forward depth (Dalpe) just to give 9 games to a player who isn't ready for an 82 game NHL schedule?

- Finally, it's so nice to see Garrisson on the first unit power play. One less thing to bitch about on twitter :)