Thursday, August 18, 2005

Canucks to Re-sign Cloutier to Multi Year Deal

Mojo radio is reporting that the Vancouver Canucks and Dan Cloutier have come to terms on a two year contract. Dave Nonis did confirm that the Cloutier contract will be resolved very soon. I am very interested to hear the dollar figure on this contract... I'll reserve my thougths until more information is available.

Other tidbits from Nonis...

He hopes and expects that Fedor Fedorov will be in training camp. Fedorov was also on the radio, although he didn't have a whole lot to say and did not confirm that he would be at camp.

He has not spoken to Ruutu or Cooke recently. Ruutu I can understand but I found it interesting that he has not been working on getting Cooke signed. Obviously Ohlund and Cloutier are priorities, but you have to wonder if Cooke is being shopped around, especially with Carter added to the mix.

Confirmed that Brad Bombardir is on his list of potential free agent defensemen. Also said that their are more players out there than you might think.

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