Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Signings as of Tuesday

Florida: Gary Roberts and Joe Niewendyk $4.5m over 2 years.
Great pickups by Florida. While the price tag seems a little high it's very affordable for Florida. For a team with little cap room I would consider this to be "overpaying" but Florida has the room and they have added two solid veterans.
Columbus: Adam Foote $13.5m over 3 years.
Did not see this one coming, would have liked to see Foote in Vancouver, but this is another case of a team with cap room paying a little more than what another team could. Great pickup for the Jackets, but the last year of this deal could be a tough one. $4.5m for an aging Foote would be an albatross for a team struggling to make cap room but the BJ's should be able to handle it.
Chicago: Adrian Aucoin $16m over 4 years.
Yet another good signing. This deal sets the bar for top pairing defenseman, don't expect to get anyone for under 4m.
Philadelphia: Derrian Hatcher(4yrs $14m), Mike Rathje(5 years $17.5m) and Chris Therien (1 year $??).
Philly has certainly beefed up their defense with these three big boys. Clarke lost out on Adam Foote and it appears the price on Niedermayer is also too high for his liking so he is making his move now. Nice deals moneywise, Philly should be in good shape on the blueline. These signings make sense for an Eastern team, would probably not be good for the free flowing West. These could however come back to haunt the Flyers in a few years. Hatcher will have probably slowed down by year 4 and Rathje will be 36 with a no-trade clause.... could be a burden unless the cap goes up.

More details and deals as they come stay tuned.

Meanwhile Vancouver is very much in the hunt for Niedermayer. Scott's agent was on the radio this morning and also added that, on a scale of 1 to 10, he rates the Canucks interest as an 8 to 10. No word on the Naslund front, but I would expect to find out very soon whether he will be back. Nonis has to make a move if Naslund does not return and I wouldn't expect him to wait on Naslund.

Updates as of 12:30pm

Atlanta: Bobby Holik $4.25 per year* for 3 years
It's official now, a little pricey but again, this is a team that can afford to overpay and they're getting a very good veteran player. * It's being reported that the first year is $4.25 with some media reports assuming the entire contract is $4.25 per year.
Detroit: Yzerman will finish his career as a Red Wing
No surprise here, nice to see Yzerman finish where he belongs.
Boston: Glen Murray(4yrs) and Sean McEachern(2yrs)
Bummer. Murray was the ideal winger for the Sedins so that's one big fish off the market. Great signing by Boston. McEachern should also add some scoring depth to the B's roster. No monetary terms have been announced.
Philadelphia has traded defenseman Danny Markov to the Nashville Predators for 3rd round pick in 2006.
Philly needed to make room for their incoming defensive giants and the Predators pick up a solid young defenseman.
Los Angelos: Pavol Demitra has signed in LA for 3 years at $13.5m
Demitra is one of the top FA forwards availalbe and would look good on any team.. . let's just hope LA doesn't also re-sign Palffy, that would be one deadly duo. Great deal for LA, only $4.5m per year.

Brian Burke on MOJO has said he has not spoken to Scott Niedermayer or Markus Naslund and that he does not have much room(one move) once they sign the players they have qualified. Also said that he considers Rob Niedermayer an important part of the team and he wants to sign him long term.

Updates as of 3:30pm

Florida: Martin Gelinas has signed a two year deal
This one is interesting, I seem to remember Gelinas and Keenan not exactly getting along in Vancouver. Another vet for Florida, would have been a nice signing for Vancouver.
Toronto: Jason Allison is likely to sign with Toronto once details on bonuses are worked out
Good player to take a chance on, especially with the allowed bonuses for players coming of injuries. The question is does Allison have anything left?

Update Round 3...

Carolina: Corey Stillman 3 years undisclosed dollars
Nice pickup for a team who desperately needs some offense. Stillman will have a hard time replicating his 80pts or Stanley Cup from 2004, but I'm sure he got some good coin thrown his way.
Calgary: Darren McCarty(2yrs $1.6m) and Tony Amonte(2yrs $3.7m)
Calgary has more than made up for the loss of Martin Gelinas. Amonte should give them a little more scoring depth and McCarty will add a solid, physical, veteran presense. McCarty at $800k should have been on the Canucks radar.
Islanders: Alexei Zhitnik 4 years $14m
Mad Mike is at it again. Zhitnik is a very good defenseman but at 32 years of age coming off a 4g 24a, 64 game season, a four year deal is a huge gamble. $3.5m is reasonable on a short term deal, but long term, this one is going to hurt the Islanders.
Rangers: Marek Malik(3yrs $7.5m), Martin Straka(1yr $3m) and Kevin Weeks(undisclosed)
Is Mad Mike giving Sather advice? The Malik deal borders on ridiculous, how does a player like Malik double his salary in this market? The Canucks would have had a hard time justifying the ~1.2m he would have earned in Vancouver. Martin Straka at $3m? Do Sather's stat sheets stop at the year 2001? Because that's the last time he played a full season. Straka scored a whopping 10 goals and 16 assists in 54 games in the last NHL season. That's half a point a game froma guy with a bad knee for 3 million bucks! Granted Straka had a good year in the Czech league but this is the NHL.
Boston: Dave Scatchard 4 years no monetary terms yet
The former Canuck is off to beantown. Scatchard had injury troubles last year but he should be a solid 3rd line center for Boston. Should be interesting to hear what the dollars are.

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