Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Niedermayer Still a Possibility for Canucks?

Scott Niedermayer has said he intends to test the free agent market and he has dropped more than a few hints about his potential desire to play in Vancouver.

Is this a legitimate possibility for Vancouver?

Well that depends on a few factors, number one being how much Niedermayer wants. If Niedermayer is looking for top dollar he won't get it in Vancouver. If however he is willing to take a contract that tops out at $5 million, it's something the Canucks can seriously consider. Also factoring into Dave Nonis' decision making is the Naslund situation. Naslund, if re-signed, will likely take up 5 to 6 million, leaving Nonis with about 4 million to play with. Nonis can come up with more cap room by moving Malik and his 1.25, or there is the possibility of trading Ed Jovonovski.

So don't rule out Niedermayer yet, he has expressed a desire to play in Vancouver and the Canucks could find a way to make it work if Niedermayer's demands are reasonable. Will it happen? I don't think it will, but I would be pretty excited if it did happen.

There isn't too much more Canuck news to report on today, unless you missed the press conference about nothing. Other than that there are the usual internet rumours floating around... Blue Jackets interested in swapping their pick, Forsberg potentially interested in Vancouver, and of course the Paul Kariya thing.

Other NHL notes...

  • Stevie Y should be ending his career as a Red Wing
  • Luc Robitaille should do the same as a King
  • Surprisingly, St Louis is not going to buy out Tkachuk($7.8m!) or Weight($5.7m)
  • The Wings cut Hatcher, McCarty, and Whitney loose. McCarty would look good in a Canuck jersey.
  • Sakic and Blake will be back in Colorado... Foote and Forsberg may not... add two more to the list of players who would look good in a Canuck jersey.
  • The Senators will not be buying anyone out.
  • The Habs declined their option on Patrice Brisbois.
  • Everyone is rumoured to be signing in Toronto
  • ... and finally the Sabres are possibly looking to move or non-tender Satan. I say the Devils are the perfect fit, I mean Satan playing for the Devils, what could be better?

Back later with more, should something interesting come up...

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