Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Forsberg and Naslund to Sign Together?

On Mojo radio today, John Shorthouse offered an intereresting tidbit from a Swedish newspaper... in a direct quote from the paper Peter Forsberg said that they(him and Naslund) have instructed their agent(s) to explore the possibility of them signing with the same team.

Take that for what it's worth.

If this story is true the Vancouver Canucks would be on the short list of teams that would be of interest to Naslund and Forsberg. Obviously they would be pulling a Kariya/Sellanne type deal as no one could afford both players at market value.

Anyway this story is intriguing in an "EA Sports" type of way. How's this for a forward group...

  • Naslund - Morrison - Bertuzzi
  • Sedin - Sedin - Forsberg
  • Cooke - Kesler/Chubarov - Linden
  • Bouck/May? - Chubarov/Kesler - King/???

And while I'm at it...

  • Niedermayer - Salo
  • Ohlund - Sopel
  • Jovanovski - ???

Dare to dream?

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