Thursday, July 21, 2005

NHLPA Ratifies CBA

According to the Canadian Press and TSN the NHLPA have ratified the new CBA. More details will be forthcoming at the news conference this afternoon.

It also appears that Bob Goodenow has not been involved in the process for quite some time. We may have Trevor Linden and Ted Saskin to thank for finally making progress on this deal.

Good riddance Goodenow, you have plagued this sport for more than a decade.

It's Official

The NHLPA has officially ratified the new CBA with an estimated 87% of the players voting in favour of ratification.

1 comment:

Leaves said...

Well I guess my 80-20 prediction was a little off lol.

Good to know we're guarenteed hockey next year.

Did you believe a word out of Goodenow's mouth? I highly doubt he's as happy with the deal as he let on today.