Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Moose to Lose Carlyle to Ducks?

The Winnipeg Sun is reporting that the Vancouver Canucks have given the Anaheim Mighty Ducks permission to speak with Manitoba Moose head coach Randy Carlyle. If my memory is correct Carlyle still has two years remaining on his contract with the Canucks organization, so it is likely that some form of compensation will be coming Vancouver's way. Perhaps a draft pick or maybe as part of a deal to swap first round picks? More likely the former but Burke is shopping his second rounder so maybe something could be worked out.

While it's not the same situation, recall that it cost Vancouver $200,000 and a 2nd round pick to sign Marc Crawford, who still had one year remaining on his contract with the Colorado Avalanche. Obviously Carlyle does not have the resume that Crawford had, so don't expect a 2nd round pick but there should be something heading to Vancouver.

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