Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The NHL Draft Lottery

There seems to be a lot of confusion over what is going to occur on Friday afternoon.

Here is what we know for sure:

  • The draft lottery will be televised at 1pm PST
  • The event will be streamed live on
  • The event will be televised live on TSN(and probably the other networks as well, although TSN is claiming 'exclusive rights')

What exactly is going to happen isn't really clear at this point. Most reports seem to indicate that the lottery will be held behind closed doors and the announcement will be broadcast live.

This makes sense since, for dramtic effect, the draft order will be announced from 30th to 1st. If they were drawing the lottery live teams with 3 balls would have higher odds at getting the 30th pick, rather than the 1st pick.

So if your interested in the lottery tune in on Friday, it should be very interesting.

Will Karma repay the Canucks for the 1970 "Wheel of Fortune" where they lost to their expansion cousins, the Buffalo Sabres, who drafted hall of famer Gilbert Perreault?

Maybe if hell freezes over, pigs fly yada yada yada...

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