Friday, September 10, 2004

Dave Nonis on the Team 1040

Dave Nonis was on the Team 1040, here is a rough summary of what he had to say...

- During the season he didn't "hear a peep" out of the Sedins regarding their ice-time.

- Says they did recognize that they got more ice time than they deserved early in their careers.

- Considers the Sedins' desire for more ice time as a positive. Says they understand that they will get ice-time as long as they are performing.

- When asked about the Sedins lack of playing time at the World Cup he said that it did not factor into his decision at all and he added that he thought team Sweden wasn't "handled well, period".

- Talked to Naslund about the World Cup but not about the future.

- Also mentioned that Naslund's contract is now "well north" of 5 million because of the bonuses he has hit

- On Alex Auld: says the contract gives Auld security and makes sense for the Canucks long term, also says "it's Alex's job to lose."

- On Paul Kariya, believes Paul won't make a decision until after the CBA* is negotiated. Did not deny(or confirm) interest in Kariya but from his tone I gather that they have talked.

* Note: According to David Pratt, Kariya is a Group V free agent, which means under the current collective bargaining agreement he cannot receive a no trade clause, which he is rumoured to want.

One other little NHL tidbit, Scott Stevens says he has recovered from post-concussion syndrome and wants to play hockey this season. Good to hear.

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