Thursday, September 16, 2004

Lockout Day 1 - Cracks in the Union?

It appears not everyone in the National Hockey League Players Association, is totally against a salary cap. New Jersey Devil forward John Madden has this to say: "The only problem I'm having with things is believing whose numbers are right and whose numbers are wrong. Those are the big issues. And if it needs to have a cap, give it a cap, you know... There's a problem that needs to be solved. It's not my final decision to say whether a cap's going to be involved, but I'm just saying we need to fix the problem. There needs to be a season. We have to find a common ground. And that's where I'm willing to go -- the middle of the road -- with everything..."

Full Story (TSN)

Well at least someone in the player's union is willing to negotiate.

There is a compromise to be made somewhere here, however both sides need to get over there stubborn stances on a 'salary cap'. The NHL is dreaming if they think they can get a 31 million dollar salary cap(aka $1.3 million average salary). Likewise the NHLPA is dreaming if they think their proposals will have any long term benefit to the owners.

Whatever they do, the first step is to agree on league revenues. Easier said then done, but please, start doing it already!


John F. said...

The biggest problem with Madden's statement is that I expect it to be denied and denounced by the NHLPA and by Madden himself in the coming hours.

It already happened a few weeks ago when a former Leaf player (forget who) was talking more objectively than the NHLPA and Bob Goodenow.

I'm waiting to hear from a 3rd party about more skepticism from the NHLPA members (the players).... A few wayward quotes make me think that there is mroe here than meets the eye.


The Canuck Fan said...

I agree. I am pretty sure that Madden received a few phone calls once his statement got out.

Trevor Linden was on Mojo Radio this morning and basically said the standard line of there being so many players in the NHLPA that you are bound to have some different opinions and that the NHLPA doesn't fine it's members for speaking out. They may not fine their members, but I am sure they get a "talking to".

It would be encouraging if a few more players came out and voiced their opinions... don't count on it though.