Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bring On the Lockout!

... and let the PR campaign begin.

The NHLPA submitted their proposal today and predictably the NHL promptly rejected it.

Here's what NHL executive vice-president, chief legal officer and grandmaster-arguer-guy Bill Daly had to say:

"We are extremely disappointed with what the union presented to us today. Not only did the Union's proposal fail to move the process forward toward a resolution but, in fact, represented a step backwards in the process... Nothing more clearly demonstrates the union's unwillingness to acknowledge or meaningfully address this league's problems than this recycled proposal. No further meetings are scheduled at this time."

Yay, I can't wait to here Trevor Linden spin this one, so we can here how the poor impoverished players cannot accept such poor working conditions and salaries. Then, later we get to here Bill Daly complain(again) about the NHL losing 300 million dollars even though the man at the helm, losing all this money, received a nice fat contract extention.

Wonder what there is to do this winter, any ideas?

Update: Here's Bob McKenzie's take on today's proceedings.

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