Friday, August 27, 2004

Rumours, Rumours, Rumours...

If you are familiar with the Canuck online community you are probably aware of a couple rumours floating around. The first involves the sale of the Canucks and the second involves the signing of free agent Paul Kariya.

It's no secret that the Canucks have been up for sale. It's also not much of a secret, that one of the potential local ownership groups includes a Mr. Gaglardi, the owner of the Sandman hotel chain. However there is a bit of 'new rumour' in this one, and that is McCaw willing to sell 100% of Orca Bay. It seems logical that anyone wanting to buy the Canucks would also want Orca Bay, and in turn GM Place, perhaps McCaw has come to the conclusion that he must give up the whole thing if he wants to sell any of it.

The other rumour is the potential signing of free agent, home town boy, Paul Kariya. Again anyone could make this rumour up, as its pretty obvious that the Canucks would be interested in at least talking with Kariya and Kariya would probably enjoy the Canucks' style of play, not to mention playing in his hometown. The rumour is that Kariya wants a long term deal with a no trade clause(something the Burke regime would have been unwilling to do, has Nonis changed this policy?). Last season Kariya demonstrated that money isn't his top priority(he made boat loads in Anaheim) and that the style of play and a chance to win is very important to him. An interesting tidbit in this latest rumour is that Kariya didn't sign with Vancouver last season because he doesn't like Brian Burke. I am not aware of any history between the two but hey, there are a lot of people who don't like Brian Burke. So how much does Kariya help the Canucks? Well that's a debate for another day.

While these rumours are just that, they are definitely believable and their roots have been around for awhile. Remember the rumours, that started almost a year a go, of Brian Burke leaving the organization? Many wouldn't believe them, even up to Burke's final days... and look what happened.

"Where there's smoke, there's usually fire"

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