Thursday, August 26, 2004

Phoenix and Calgary Swing a deal.

The Phoenix Coyotes have signed Petr Nedved to a 3 year deal and they have also dealt Daymond Langkow to Calgary for Denis Gauthier and Oleg Saprykin.

TSN with the story.

Looks like Calgary has found a replacement for the loss of Conroy although Langkow has never lived up to his potential. Obviously Sutter was never a fan of Saprykin but it's interesting that they would give up on him after his breakout season and surprsingly strong playoff perfomance.

With the signing of Nedved, Brett Hull and the acquisition of Mike Comrie the Coyotes are looking to put a competitive team on the ice this year(well if there is a season, more on that below). I must say Gretzky and company are doing a pretty solid job down in the desert. It started with changing those terrible uniforms and now they are acquiring some nice players to complement their new jerseys and new building.

In other NHL news, it looks like labour negotiations are getting nasty(again) this time NHL VP Bill Daly had this to say: "I'm very frustrated and concerned right now because I think we're engaged in a charade.... The union is not willing to negotiate with us"

Enjoy the world cup folks, cause it's the only hockey we will be getting for a while.

And yes I am aware of the Bertuzzi news, but I am keeping this a "Bertuzzi Free Zone" until the day he is back on the ice.

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