Monday, August 30, 2004

World Cup of Hockey Under Way

The World Cup of Hockey got under way this morning with the Finns defeating the Czechs 4-0. Did I not say to watch out for the Finns? ;). The Czechs managed only 12 shots on goal... Sami Salo had an assist on the Finns 3rd goal.

Germany takes on Sweden tomorrow(10am pst) and of course Canada is up against the United States(4pm pst). Expect a game preview some time tomorrow or later tonight.

Other notes from the World Cup... Peter Bondra is likely done for the tournament after breaking his wrist while blocking a shot against Canada on Saturday, the Slovaks are in tough now....Russia will be without G Evgeni Nabokov as he has not fully recovered from minor surgery...D Chris "Dirty Bastard" Chelios was named captain of the American squad.

Anyone else annoyed at the start time for Canadian games? Its bad enough that there isn't a single game west of Ontario(Minny doesnt count) but we also get 4pm Pacific start times... would it really be too much to ask for 5pm pst/8pm est start times?


Anonymous said...

Ya the start times do suck, I'll be missing the 1st period of the games during the week, oh well could be worse. Do you know if the games are being replayed later at night like sportsnet sometimes does?

The Canuck Fan said...

Not sure about a replay of the games, my guess is no, but you might want to check your programming guide if you happen to have satelite or digital cable.