Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Vancouver Canucks Depth Chart

Last Updated: October 11th

Left WingCentreRight Wing
Todd BertuzziBrendan MorrisonMarkus Naslund
Daniel SedinHenrik SedinAnson Carter
Matt CookeRyan KeslerRichard Park
Jarkko RuutuTrevor LindenLee Goren
Tyler Bouck*Josh GreenJason King*
Brandon Nolan Nathan SmithMike Keane¥
 Craig DarbyJozef Balej
Mattias OhlundEd Jovanovski
Sami SaloBryan Allen
Steve McCarthyNolan Baumgartner
Wade Brookbank 
Kevin Bieksa*Tomas Mojzis
Jason Doig¥Sven Butenschon
Brett Skinner 
Dan Cloutier
Alex Auld
Wade Flaherty
Rob McVicar
  • ¥ - Must be signed by the Vancouver Canucks.
  • * - Currently injured.


  • This is a depth chart of players eligible to play for the Canucks, it is not a prospect depth chart and it does not list players who are currently in Europe. This means you will not see Luc Bourdon or Cory Schneider and you will not see Artem Chubarov or Brandon Reid. For a prospect depth chart visit Hockey's Future.
  • The main purpose is to show who would/could be called up to the Canucks in case of injury.
  • The positions do not necessarily represent the order of callup. IE: If Ruutu were to be injured it is unlikely that the next LW (Nolan) would called up.
  • The defense are not listed by the side they play.
  • As Manitoba's season progresses the depth chart will be more accurate/relevant and some players may "earn" or "lose" their spot on this chart.

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