Friday, October 14, 2005

Gameday Part 2: Vancouver at Minnesota

I'll skip the regular gameday preview and get right to the point...

Keys to the Game

  1. Effort - No need to elaborate here.
  2. Scoring First - As we saw in the last game, once they fell behind the Canucks started to press and played right into the Wild's gameplan. Scoring first will be practically essential if they hope to win this one.
  3. Breaking the Trap - The first two keys to the game will play a major role in breaking the trap, however they must also do a much better job on dump ins.
  4. Special Teams & Discipline - The Canucks started the first game by taking some lazy penalties, they must stay out of the box. The Canucks powerplay(3-29) also must be a lot better.

TV: RSN 5:00pm

Moose Notes

The Manitoba Moose have lost defenseman Tomas Mojzis who broke his jaw in Wednesday's game against Omaha. Mojzis is out indefinately. The loss of Mojzis is a major blow to the Moose blueline and does not help matters for the Vancouver Canucks weak back-end. With both McCarthy and Baumgartner struggling, Mojzis could have been a candidate for a callup should the aforementioned continue their poor play.

The Moose are now 1-2 after three games... Mike Keane will make his debut tonight.

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