Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back on Track

Heading into the final two games before the all-star break the Canucks needed to rebuild their game from the ground up. While they were desperately in need of points it was more important to correct the issues in their play. To make the final two pre-break games successful they needed to find their game again and (considering one of the games was against the Sharks) they needed to find a way to come away with a couple points.

They accomplished both goals.

While last nights game was crushing, it was a huge step forward.

They were successful in doing the little things to get the puck out of their own end. There were some nervous moments, but for the most part they did an excellent job of supporting the puck and making the right decision. It often wasn't pretty, but considering where their game was, getting the puck out of the zone quickly was their number one focus. As their confidence improves you'll see a lot less of a "just get it out" philosophy, but last night that was exactly what they needed to do.

The only thing missing last night was a forechecking presence. However once they were up a goal I think Vigneault made the right decision to try and shut down the Sharks. They were not going to be successful trading chances and giving up odd man rushes. Ya you want more of a forecheck, but that will come. Last night was all about playing well in their own end and frustrating the Sharks. In the end, the breaks didn't go their way and the game slipped away, but it was a very successful game.

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