Tuesday, February 03, 2009

At a Crossroads

I wasn't going to make another post until the Canucks broke this ridiculous streak, but I'm going to break from that to post this...

Beginning with tonight's game against Carolina the next week will have a major impact on the next few seasons.

If the Canucks continue to lose Mike Gillis will have no choice but to fire Alain Vigneault. It may even happen tonight if they lose outright. There are 3 days before the next game, enough to get a new guy in. Barring that it could happen before the Canucks hit the road a week from now.

We will find out a lot about the state of the team tonight. If the team mails it in then they have quit on AV. If they continue to play with the effort they have in the past week, then they have not quit on AV. As silly as it sounds, the players can decide whether they want AV as a coach or not.

I'm betting on the Canuck players to come out and play another strong game. I've seen no signs that they have quit on AV.

Mike Gillis does not want to fire Vigneault, but he will be forced to do so if the Canucks lose tonight and against Chicago. These two games are likely to decide the direction this franchise goes.

With that said, I think the Canucks are going to come out of this and play well down the stretch. They are still positioned to make the playoffs and if they play like they have the past two games they will.

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