Friday, January 09, 2009

St. Louis Lots - Canucks Not As Much - Game Notes

Another two points pissed away...

First Period

  • Awful period by Vancouver, I thought the first against Edmonton was bad... this one was just terrible. The fact that Vancouver is up a goal says a lot about how bad St. Louis is.
  • I guess Hansen got the message.
  • Terrible play by Nycholat leading to the Blues' goal. LaBarbera didn't help matters by letting out a couple bad rebounds.
  • Even when Sundin isn't playing well he is still dangerous.
  • It was also a terrible period by Sportsnet and John Garrett. The audio was brutal, Garrett wasn't much better... rambling on about Sundin winning a draw that was actually won by Wellwood after Sundin was tossed out. Even with a replay Garrett still didn't catch it. Paying attention there John?

Second Period

  • The sloppy, lackadaisical play of the first period carried over into the second and the Canucks find themselves trailing after two.
  • I think it's time for the "takin it easy" Mats Sundin shifts to come to an end. Sundin needs to be more focused on the timing of line changes.
  • Mason Raymond and Kyle Wellwood are sure skating better with their new linemate. Perhaps Raymond took note of the organization's willingness to send Hansen down.
  • The Canucks need a much better effort in the third. They need to start forechecking hard in order to draw some penalties and give themselves the opportunity to take this game.

Third Period

  • Ugg, that was such an uninspiring game that I don't have the motivation to say anything about the third period other than the fact that the Canucks deserved to lose and put themselves in a position where a bad break (literally) cost them a win against the worst team in the West.

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