Friday, December 19, 2008

Mats Sundin a Vancouver Canuck

Christmas has come early for Canuck fans.

Before July 1st I was looking at the list of free agents and there was one name that jumped out. Mats Sundin. Forget Hossa, Malone, Jagr, Ryder, etc. Mats Sundin was exactly what this team needed, a big top line centre who could make the players around him better. When word of the Canucks huge contract offer came out I was pretty excited. Sure it was a lot of money, but it wasn't my money and the cap space was there. I never suspected that we would have to wait almost six months to find out if Sundin would be a Canuck. It was well worth the wait...

So what are the Canucks getting?

Almost the perfect player for their needs. The only downside to Mats Sundin is his age. It's a legitimate concern, but I don't think it will be much of an issue. The Canucks don't need Sundin to play 20 minutes a night and carry the team on his back. He doesn't even need to play on the PK. This isn't Messier part deux.

Last season Mats Sundin finished 20th overall in the NHL with 78 points in 74 games, almost 20 points more than any other Leaf. I don't see Mats Sundin falling off a cliff statistics wise, especially when he can play behind the Sedins.

Over the years we have been force fed the Leafs every Saturday night on HNIC. As much as I hate having to watch the Leafs I always admired Mats Sundin. How many times did you see Mats Sundin involved in some improbable last minute goal? When Sundin was on the ice there was always a threat of the Leafs scoring. He was that good.

The Canucks are getting a great player.

I'll have more thoughts later today... how does the lineup shake down, what's next on Gillis' agenda etc.

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