Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mats Sundin to Make Decision on Thursday?

According to Canucks GM Mike Gillis, Mats Sundin will make his decision on who to sign with on Thursday. Why Thursday? Because Sundin doesn't want his story to overshadow the Trevor Linden jersey retirement.

So what can we read from this? Only that it is extremely unlikely that Sundin has already made a decision to sign with New York... if he had J.P. Barry would have told Gillis who would have told everyone else. There would be no need to "delay the story" until Thursday.

Scott Gomez ain't commin' here

Seriously people. Look at the numbers. It makes 0 sense. None.

The whole idea of a Rangers/Canucks trade is pretty outlandish. Anyone the Canucks would want doesn't clear enough salary for New York, or has a ridiculous long term contract that would completely handcuff the Canucks.

The Canucks aren't going to help New York sign Sundin unless the Rangers give up some ridiculous combination of guys like Zherdev, Dubinsky, Voros, Mara or Stall. The Canucks do not want Gomez for five more years at $7.35m or Drury for three more years at $7.05m. Not when they have the Sedins, Ohlund, Burrows, Bernier(RFA) and Wellwood(RFA) to take care of this off-season and Kesler & Luongo in 2010. Combine those players and a decreasing cap and Gomez has negative value to the Canucks.

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