Saturday, November 22, 2008

Roberto Luongo Injured in 1st Period VS Pittsburgh

Just when everything seemed to be going right in Canuck land... Roberto Luongo hurt his left leg on a routine save, extending his left pad.

I'm no doctor, but it appeared to be either a groin injury or possibly a knee injury. No word from the Canucks as of yet and there likely won't be many details until the Canucks return to Vancouver. Canuck fans will be keeping their fingers crossed that the injury is some kind of groin strain and not any kind of tear or knee injury... worse case scenario would be a Brendan Morrow style knee injury (torn ACL - 6 months).

In the meantime, the Canucks will be riding the Sandman. Canuck fans are also likely to see Cory Schneider a lot sooner than they had hoped.

More to come post-game...


Ian MacIntyre during the intermission on the Team 1040 is confirming that the injury is groin related and thinks it is "very serious".

Update #2

Well the radio guys are saying that Luongo was in good spirits "joking with the trainers" and that they don't think it is a torn groin... Canucks won't know for sure until he is checked out in Vancouver.

Update #3

OK, Luongo and Vigneault were both interviewed post-game. It is the groin, will have MRI done in Vancouver(within 24 hours), no prognosis until then. I'm sure they will replay the interviews again on Hockey Night in Canada at some point tonight, if you want to see/hear for yourself. By the way he was limping I'm gonna throw out 2-4 weeks as my guess. Cory Schneider should get the callup.

Canucks Win 2-1

Another huge win to cap off one of the best road trips in team history.

  • Mitchell and O'Brien were outstanding
  • Mattias Ohlund has really stepped up his game since Bieksa and Salo have been out.
  • However, Davison and Nycholat have to be a concern. Either is fine as a short term fill in, but the Canucks can't go long term trying to hide two defensemen.
  • Matt Turtle was up to his old tricks... forcing his teammates to stick up for him... it's obvious no one in the Canuck room was sad to see him moved last year.
  • Malkin and Crosby were invisible for most of the game.
  • Michel Therrien did a poor job of exploiting the Canucks lack of depth on defense, or the disjointed 3rd and 4th lines of the Canucks. When you have the benefit of the last change and have talent like Crosby and Malkin you have to take advantage of it.

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