Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Canucks 6 - Rangers 3 - Game Notes

Something a little different tonight, game notes as the game progresses...

First Period

  • Hearing the Hockey Night in Canada theme on TSN is just wrong.
  • Speaking of the broadcast, I don't know if it's just my signal but the sound of the skates on the ice is extremely irritating... it gives you that "nails on chalkboard" effect you sometimes get when you are scraping the frost off your windshield.
  • Great pass by Ohlund to Wellwood on the first goal.
  • It's not often the Canucks have 3 breakaways in a week let alone in one period.
  • Ryan Johnson was brutal in the faceoff circle, 1 for 6.
  • The Kesler line had their best period in a while. Burrows bumps a slump.
  • The Rangers were awful, simply being out-skated everywhere on the ice.
  • Canucks did a good job in their own end keeping the Rangers to the outside, the defense down low was especially solid.
  • Have the Canucks learned from their dismal 2nd period on Long Island? We'll find out...

Second Period

  • Rangers are still awful.
  • Great shift by Pyatt on the 4th goal. This is why many fans are so frustrated with Pyatt.
  • Daniel has to shoot the fricken puck.
  • Johnson loses another draw, directly leading to the second New York goal.
  • Wow, did Lundqvist just pull himself there?
  • Despite scoring his first goal Johnson is having a terrible period.
  • If this was a one goal game that review would have been a lot more controversial. Why don't they have a camera that is solely dedicated to the goal line? Or for that matter why don't they create an electronic system to determine the location of the puck? They can do it in tennis, why not hockey?
  • Not liking Nycholat's play.
  • When I noticed that Voros was going to be a free agent I was hoping the Canucks would go after him. 7 goals already, with toughness.
  • If the Canucks lead would have remained 4, it would have been interesting to see if they would consider putting Sanford in to give Luongo a little rest and then come back with him in Minnesota.

Third Period

  • The Rangers have finally figured out that you can exploit the Canucks defense by dumping the puck in deep.
  • The Canucks look content to sit on the lead... better be careful.
  • Sure enough, they've given the Rangers a chance to get back in it. Can't afford to turn the puck over in the neutral zone... get it deep.
  • It's not often you see a player take 5 minors in one game.
  • It's interesting to see Henrik Sedin out late in the game as the extra faceoff guy. He's come a long way in that department.
  • Thumbs down to TSN for not having any post-game coverage on games that don't involve the Leafs.

Post Game Thoughts

Big win for Vancouver, three out of four points in New York is critical heading in to two tough games in Minnesota and Pittsburgh.

  • Sami Salo did not finish the game... again. Vigneault is saying flu... I'm saying B.S.
  • Ryan Johnson was brutal in the faceoff circle finishing 1 for 9.
  • After a few good first period shifts Steve Bernier was pretty invisible the rest of the way.
  • Other than a third period mistake not getting the puck deep, Taylor Pyatt had another strong game, continuing his improved play in November.
  • After a bit of a funk Mattias Ohlund was much, much better tonight.
  • Luongo was tremendous again.

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