Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pre-Season Power Rankings V5

Updated Rankings After 6 Games...

  1. Mayson Raymond (1) - Spot on second line guaranteed.
  2. Jannik Hansen (2) - Should start season on 3rd line
  3. Kyle Wellwood (3) - Held pointless, no shots on goal, didn't see the game, but the word is he had a solid game.
  4. Rick Rypien (7) - Another entertaining fight, pushing hard to make the cut, Coach V likes him, played 4:05 on the PK! I think he's in.
  5. Matt Pettinger (4) - According to Ben Kuzma, Pettinger has hip-flexor injury. Hard to say what's going to happen with him now, depends on the roster options available to Canucks.
  6. Jason Krog (5) - "In the replay" on Sharks goal resulting in a -1 on the night, played on both PK & PP, will likely have one last chance to give the Canucks a reason to keep him. The Canucks are probably looking at sneaking him through waivers and assigning him to Manitoba.
  7. Mike Brown (8) - Vigneault likes him, chances have improved with subtraction of Cowan and injury to Pettinger. Update: Brown is heading to the waiver wire. Vigneault: "Brown was close but we think Rypien right now is just a little bit ahead of him"
  8. Cody Hodgson (9) - May make it to Sunday, but he is heading back to junior. Update: Also according to Jason Botchford, Hodgson will not play on Sunday.
  9. Jeff Cowan (6) - Did not play against San Jose, he's in real trouble (Edit: Placed on waivers as I was writing this post)
  10. Michael Grabner (10) -
  11. Jason Jaffray (11) -

Rankings are a combination of how they've been playing and how coaches have been using/commenting. Five forwards should make the team assuming Canucks carry 14 forwards. Last rank shown in ().

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