Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pre-Season Power Rankings V 4

Updated Rankings After 5 Games...

  1. Mayson Raymond (1) - Great game against Calgary, locked up his spot if it wasn't already.
  2. Jannik Hansen (2) - 2 Goals, looked very good with Kesler and Burrows, locked up his spot.
  3. Kyle Wellwood (4) - Continues to showcase his offensive skills, rest of his game improving... still where does he fit on a regular basis?
  4. Matt Pettinger (3) - May be in trouble, but I still don't see two others who can take his job. Had a strong effort, still lacks finish.
  5. Jason Krog (5) - Did not play against Calgary, must have strong performance in his next game.
  6. Jeff Cowan (6) - Got the message after his 3rd period benching, it's between him and Krog now, do they want a faceoff/shootout guy or another gritty guy?
  7. Rick Rypien (7) - Did not play against Calgary
  8. Mike Brown (9) - Not doing enough to unseat anyone who must clear waivers to be sent down.
  9. Cody Hodgson (8) - Simply not ready to play on a team with playoff ambitions. Needs to improve his skating and strength to compete in the NHL.
  10. Michael Grabner (10) -
  11. Jason Jaffray (11) -

Rankings are a combination of how they've been playing and how coaches have been using/commenting. Five forwards should make the team assuming Canucks carry 14 forwards. Last rank shown in ().

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