Saturday, September 27, 2008

Canucks 3 - Sharks 2

One advantage of watching a game on the internet is that it is easy to type notes as the game goes along and you don't have to go off of your beer fogged memory! So here are the random things that stuck out tonight...

  • The Canucks used both Demitra and Krog on the point on the power play. Is this a sign of things to come, or is the move just based on the lack of offensive depth in pre-season lineups?
  • Wellwood continues to show great hands... but also continues to be outplayed in any kind of physical battle.
  • The Canucks 4th line had a breakaway... yes all 3 of them, Cowan, Rypien, Brown... and failed to score.
  • Krog showed good speed supporting Hansen's breakaway and eventually knocking in the rebound.
  • Great fight between Rypien and Brad Staubitz, both guys landing good ones, Rypien cut after a series of about 4 rights but you could easily give him the decision after dropping Staubitz with a right to end the fight.
  • During the first two periods the Canucks were drawing a lot of penalties with their speed/determination.
  • Wellwood actually showed a little grit on Hansen's goal, going to the net and creating room for Pettinger who centred the puck to Hansen in front.
  • If Cory Schneider had more than one pro season under his belt he would be Luongo's backup this season.
  • Demitra made a very poor clearing attempt in the final minute, leading to SJ's 2nd goal.
  • We had a good look at who the Canucks envision as the 2nd line.
  • The defense looked good, especially considering that half of them will be playing in Manitoba to start the season. The 3 Moose bound guys will be good depth options should injuries strike.
  • Luongo was Luongo

Finally here are the line combinations:

  • Raymond Demitra Pyatt
  • Pettinger Wellwood Hansen
  • Jaffray Kesler Krog
  • Cowan Rypien Brown
  • Ohlund Baumgartner
  • McIver Edler
  • Fitzgerald Krajicek

PK Forward Duos:

  • Rypien Kesler
  • Krog Hansen
  • Cowen Krog?
  • Pettinger Brown