Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Shinkaruk for Granlund

Thought I'd summarize my tweets from last night on the Shinkaruk trade. So here they are...

- Keep coming back to the fact Granlund was diminishing asset in Calgary & Benning still forked over one of his best chips for no reason.

- There was no reason Shinkaruk needed to be traded today. You had 2 more years of waiver exemption. Also 7 days until the deadline, where many situations could potentially develop. (Maybe Shinkaruk is a chip that could have put you over the top on a player you really want)

- Granlund has to be in the NHL next year. His NHL track record is not good at all. Why the urgency to get him now, or at all?

- I’m skeptical of Shinkaruk’s chances of panning out and I think there’s a decent chance Granlund becomes useful middle 6 player… 

- But the thought process behind this trade demonstrates a lack of competence. It’s not 2005, management standards in professional sports are a lot higher in 2016 

- Finally, I’ll ask: has Benning come out ahead on any of his trade or contract negotiations? 

So there you have it. My thoughts haven't changed much today. This trade could be absolutely fine, or it could be nothing, or even a disaster. None of that really matters though. Sometimes trades work out, sometimes they don't, nobody has a crystal ball. 

The problem with the trade is the thought process behind it. It's yet another transaction where this management group failed to maximize an asset or leverage a situation. This has been summarized by many as "death by a thousand cuts."

This is just one more cut for a franchise that can't afford to keep bleeding.