Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Canucks Third Quarter Report Card

With 21 games remaining in the regular season the Vancouver Canucks have finished the third quarter of their season, so it's time for the next round of letter grades. In case you missed them, here are the first quarter and second quarter report cards.

Last quarter's grades are represented in brackets (second quarter,first quarter). Remember grades are based on player expectations, so Raffi Torres' grade is not equivalent to Raymond's as there are different expectations for both players.

Team Grades

Overall Team Grade: B (A+,C+)
The Canucks were 11-6-3 during the third quarter of their season and considering the injuries on defense their record was pretty good.
Power Play: A (A,A)
The Canucks have had the best powerplay in the league for nearly the entire season and have shown no sign of cooling off.
Penalty Kill: A (A,A)
Like the powerplay the penalty kill has been remarkably consistent. They finished the second quarter at 85.5% (4th overall) and finished the third quarter at 85.7% (still 4th).

Player Grades

Alex Edler: A (A, A)
Edler's great season was cut short in January, but up until that point he had 7 points in 8 third quarter games and had a whopping 27 shots on goal. The only blemish was -3 night in Minnesota.
Daniel Sedin: A- (A,A-)
While he endured an 8 game goalless drought, Daniel was only a minus 3 times during the third quarter and managed to reach the top of the NHL scoring race by recording a point in 15 of 20 games.
Kevin Bieksa: A- (A-,B-)
Up until his injury Bieksa was arguably the Canucks most reliable defenseman. While the offense hasn't been there his play in his own end has been outstanding.
Chris Tanev: A- (NG,NG)
Tanev has received rave reviews for someone at his age and experience level. He's made his share of mistakes, but his overall poise and decision making have been outstanding.
Christian Ehrhoff: B+ (B+,C-)
With the injuries on defense Ehrhoff was asked to do a lot and he responded well. While he has his moments that make you shake your head, he continues to produce points and play big minutes.
Dan Hamhuis: B+ (B,C-)
Hamhuis is the type of player where you may not notice his contribution until he isn't in the lineup. Hamhuis is great in his own end and gets the puck up to the forwards efficiently.
Alex Burrows: B+ (B+,B-)
Burrows went on a 10 game scoring streak which included 8 goals, unfortunately the five games on each side of that streak were pretty quiet preventing him from receiving his first A of the season.
Henrik Sedin: B (A,B+)
Henrik's production was under a point a game during the third quarter. For the first time this season Henrik was merely good, not great.
Ryan Kesler: B (A+,B)
Like Henrik, Kesler wasn't quite as good in the third quarter. Kesler continues to be the key element of the powerplay, but his five on five play can be better. A few too many minus nights and he recently endured a 5 game stretch where he was under 50% in the faceoff circle.
Mikael Samuelsson: B (C+,C-)
The real Mikeal Samuelsson showed up in February with 15 points in 11 games. Unfortunately he began the quarter with only 3 points in 9 January games including a 6 game pointless streak.
Jannik Hansen: B (B+,C+)
Despite being saddled with linemates who had some awful stretches of hockey, Hansen has been one of the Canucks most consistent players and even added a little offense in February.
Tanner Glass: B (B,C+)
The offense has been non-existent, but Glass has been reliable in his role. He's done a good job avoiding penalties and has done a serviceable job when asked to play at centre.
Keith Ballard: B (B-,D)
Ballard finally appeared to settle into his new team and has slowly gained the confidence of AV. The offense hasn't been there yet, but he has started to play like the way he did in Phoenix.
Cody Hogdson: B (NG,NG)
Hogdson has 2 points in 6 games and has been decent in his limited action. If the Canucks can't add anyone at the deadline he has a good chance to stick around for the remainder of the year.
Andrew Alberts: B- (A-,B)
Due to injuries Alberts played only 5 full games during the third quarter.
Aaron Rome: C (C,C+)
With all the injuries Rome finally got a chance to play more during the third quarter. He didn't make the most of the opportunity. He's a serviceable depth defenseman, but doesn't move the puck very well. He was simply dreadful last night vs Montreal.
Aaron Volpatti: C (Inc,NG)
Volpatti had his opportunity but failed to do much with it. Didn't fight, too slow to get in on the forecheck and wasn't great in his own end. Zero shots on goal in 7 games speaks for itself.
Manny Malhotra: C- (B,B)
While he continues to win faceoffs, 19 game scoreless streaks aren't acceptable for a player at his salary level. The good news is that Malhotra has stepped up his game since being embarrassed by Jonathan Toews in early February.
Raffi Torres: C- (B, C+)
It's expected that Torres will be inconsistent, but for most of 2011 he's been invisible. He finally ended a 23 game goalless streak the other night, so we'll see if he can maintain that momentum in the final quarter of the season.
Mason Raymond: D (B-,C-)
In 2011 Raymond has 3 goals. That's 3 goals in 25 games. That's simply not acceptable at his salary level and role on the team.
Jeff Tambellini: D (B, Inc)
Two assists in 2011, that's all you really need to know about Tambellini. The Canucks want to keep him around for depth, but if they find an upgrade they won't be afraid of losing him on the waiver wire.
Sami Salo: Incomplete (NG,NG)
Salo returned sooner than expected and has looked to be at about 80% of his normal self. Should get a more prominent role as the season progresses.
Alex Bolduc: Incomplete (C+, Inc)
The Canucks were hoping he was the answer to the 4th line centre problem, but his second shoulder separation kept him out of action. May get another opportunity should the Canucks fail to add anyone at the deadline
Lee Sweatt: Incomplete (NG, NG)
In three games before being injured Sweatt scored a big goal and played fairly well. Good depth on the farm.

Inc = Incomplete, NG = No Grade