Monday, November 15, 2010

Colin Campbell in Hot Water - Canucks in Buffalo - Lions Lose Thriller

So if you've been on a hockey related website, blog, or forum today you've probably seen the story on Colin Campbell and his emails concerning NHL officiating. If you haven't, check out TSN or the original story at (site is down today due to the attention the story is getting).

Is anyone really surprised by this? First even if you ignore the informality of the emails, the content has to be pretty alarming for the NHL. Clearly Campbell is showing some strong bias and whatever credibility he had as the NHL's disciplinarian is gone. Is anything going to happen as a result of this? Probably not. The NHL is going to keep downplaying this as much as they can and unless the NHL media really pushes this story, it will eventually go away.

It makes you wonder what juicy emails Campbell sent during the Burrows-Auger incident last year. Most in Vancouver believe the NHL (aka Colin Campbell) did not thoroughly investigate the incident. Judging by the thought process Campbell displays in his emails I'm guessing he wrote off the entire incident as a "fake artist" whining about a call.

Canucks in Buffalo

  • The Canucks are in Buffalo tonight where Cory Schneider is expected to start for the first time since November 4th. Schneider has been nearly perfect so far this season stopping 94 of 97 shots. Unfortunately the shutout has eluded him, will this be the night?
  • Once again Keith Ballard will be a healthy scratch. A lot is being made of having a $4m player sitting in the pressbox, but I think the situation is pretty simple. Ballard just isn't quite up to par physically in terms of his conditioning. Simple as that, no controversy. He'll get back in soon.
  • Follow @TheCanuckFan for tonight's live Twitter blog of the game.

Lions Lose a Thriller

Wow, what a football game yesterday. Simply amazing game, sports just doesn't get better than that. Lulay was great, too bad the defense (especially the secondary) couldn't make a stop in the second half. Regardless, great outing, good performance by both teams and in the end the Riders made one more play than BC. Things are looking up for the 2011 Grey Cup.