Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sportsnet One Now Available on Bell TV

Fear not Canuck fans, (at least those of you with Bell TV), Sportsnet One is now available on Bell TV (ch 1409 HD, 418 SD). Note that Sportsnet One won't actually be carrying the games, instead it will be on the "companion channel" Sportsnet Vancouver (channel 1436 HD). That's right, Sportsnet One won't show your team's games, instead they will be shown on one of the other 4 "companion channels". That's what? 9 Sportsnet channels now? Get ready for more poker, dog shows and darts!

So it appears Rogers dirty tactics have paid off for them. The last major hold out has fallen. After pulling a large number of Blue Jays games onto Sportsnet One, and pissing off many fans in the process, television providers have now caved as hockey season arrives.

Can't say I didn't see this coming. But whatever, as one of those pissed off Jays fans I won't be buying any Rogers products other than their sports channels (can't live without that).