Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mattias Ohlund Signs with Tampa Bay

Not surprisingly Mattias Ohlund is no longer a Vancouver Canuck. Ohlund has signed an eyebrow raising 7 year contract for $24.5m. Congrats to Mattias, he got a boatload of cash and way more than he ever would have found in Vancouver. He should also enjoy the anonymity of playing in Tampa (not to mention the weather).

Interesting deal for Tampa. I would be pretty surprised if Ohlund plays out all seven years of the deal. The cap hit is reasonable and I suppose they have the option of buying him out, but I don't see Ohlund as a very good defenseman at ages 37-39. His game has fallen rapidly over the past few seasons to the point where he is pretty much a #4 guy on a good team. He's still a very solid blueliner, but the clock is ticking...

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