Monday, May 11, 2009

Game #5 - Blackhawks 4 - Canucks 2 - Game Notes

A little (well a lot) late on this one, but here's some quick thoughts on game 5 as we get set for the do or die game 6...

  • Pass the goat horns around, in game five Willie Mitchell was the goat, in game six Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Kesler got to share the honor. Bieksa took one of his patented over aggressive high sticking penalties which led to the winning goal and was also in the box for the tying goal (although that was one of those mysterious pick one guy to get the extra penalty calls; the Hawks were a victim of that on the Canucks first goal so it evened out in the end). While Kesler made a brutal play on the PK, weakly passing the puck up the middle, leading to the tying goal. Then late in the game Kesler took an absolutely terrible holding penalty behind the Hawks net, which essentially killed the Canucks chances of a comeback. But it wasn't quite over, the Canucks still had a minute and change to make a push with the goalie out, however another Kesler miscue ended the game as he came off the bench and collided with Salo leading to the empty net goal. Needless to say, the Canucks with the help of #3 and #17 did themselves in on Saturday night.
  • Lately I've had a lot of praise for Mason Raymond's work on the PK, however it was his mistake that was responsible for the winning goal. While Kane had the puck on the half boards Raymond was over aggressive, cheating out to the point man, instead of "making sure" and containing Kane on the boards. That miscue led to a great player taking advantage of an odd man situation down low.
  • If there was a positive for Vancouver it was in the second period where we finally got to see the Sundin everyone expected. He was skating way better than he has at any point since arriving and his goal was vintage Mats Sundin. Hopefully the vintage Mats shows up for game 6.

Well here we go. Backs to the wall, do or die... break out all the cliche's. Game 6. Let's go boys!

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