Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Alex Burrows Signs Extention

Alex Burrows has signed a 4 year $8m contract extension with the Vancouver Canucks. More on this after the game...

... and what a game it was for Alex Burrows. Two big goals on a night where he becomes a multi-millionaire

This is a very good deal for the Vancouver Canucks and Alex Burrows. Burrows could have received more on the open market, but obviously he likes Vancouver and knows he's a good fit here. From a front office perspective this is very good value even if Burrows happens to regress a bit offensively. Right now it's probably more likely that he continues to improve as a hockey player.

This deal was a no-brainer for Mike Gillis.

Congrats to Alex. He deserves it and it's refreshing to see an athlete who's number one priority isn't going after the money. I look forward to having Burrows in the lineup for the next 4 years.

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