Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Non-Canuck Deadline Trades

With the trade deadline approaching, and the first significant deal announced, I'll be using this space for my thoughts on deals that don't involve the Canucks...

Roloson to Edmonton for 1st Rd. Pick & Cond. 3rd

The Edmonton Oilers have finally found a goaltender and the price was high. A first round pick and a conditional 3rd(should he re-sign with Edm) is a lot for a pending free agent. Roloson has not had a good season, but Canuck fans should be well aware of how good he can be. He was at the top of my wishlist, but the price was too high for Vancouver, especially without the need to acquire a #1. While the Oilers paid a significant price, I think it's a good trade for them. They absolutely needed a goaltender and they managed to get one without giving up anything off their roster. Roloson gives them a chance to compete in the playoffs.

While there is one less team in the market, the bar has been set at a 1st round pick. Don't expect Nonis to deal his first round pick on a rental, that means no Curtis Joseph.

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