Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Gameday - Nucks at Ducks

The Canucks are in Anaheim tonight (7:30 CKNW) looking for their first victory of the season. The NHL's only winless team won't be dressing their "A" lineup. Bertuzzi(back), Salo and Morrison are all back in Vancouver(charity event) and obviously will not play... Markus Naslund is questionable but word from John Shorthouse is that he will play... the Sedins will see action with Anson Carter for the first time... looking to steal the backup job, Brent Johnson will get the start... and with numerous questions on defense Crawford will once again be dressing 7 defensemen and 11 forwards.

With only 3 games to go in the pre-season the Canucks need to get it into gear and gain some momentum for the regular season. After a physical game in Calgary, Vancouver appears to be more focused and they should no longer be "going through the motions." They can probably expect a solid lineup from Anaheim(playing in front of hometown fans), so this should be a good test.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Canucks roster still sits at 30 and the battle for the final jobs is rather interesting. I wonder which of the hopefulls will find themselves in the pressbox tonight and who will get a look on the ice.


Dave Nonis expects Mattias Ohlund back in time for the season opener. This is extremely good news for Canuck fans.

Nonis also commented on Luc Bourdon and the possibility of him sticking with the team: ""It's very difficult for an 18-year-old player to have an impact at the NHL level. Having said that, he's done well and that's what you want."


Jeff said...

Where did you get this info about CBC? Can you post a link to it? The latest info I found was
Which tells us that the game WILL be broadcast.

The Canuck Fan said...

It's been reported on numerous sports radio shows.